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With many of us feeling the sting from higher gasoline costs, it is important to take steps to reduce our expenses. Driving a more fuel efficient vehicle is the best option, although many of us are not in position to trade up to a more efficient model. Still, keeping your car tuned and tires properly inflated can help you get more gas mileage from your current car.

You can also do your budget a favor by shopping around for the best gas prices. Gas Buddy has been posting local gas prices for years. This network of volunteers reports prices across the United States. These prices are posted on the Gas Buddy site. Each reported price is an update within the past 3 days, many within 36-48 hours. The following tool can help you find the lowest priced gas in your local area. The name and address of each station is also clearly marked, so that you can find the cheapest fuel that is reasonably close to you.

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Search for gas prices by US Zip Code

We encourage you to find a station offering cheaper fuel that is along the way of your commute or travel plans. We have used and trusted Gas Buddy for years and hope that you too can benefit. Bookmark this page so that you can check prices before each fill-up.

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