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This directory lists nonprofit credit counseling agencies that serve your local area.

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Cheaper Gasoline Locator

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American Saver Newsletters [various PDF]

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Debtors Forum

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What is the Best Debt Settlement Company?

[posted September 23, 2009]

Choosing the best debt settlement company is kind of like asking which is the best prison to go to.

Alternatives to Debt Settlement

[posted July 18, 2007]

These alternatives to debt settlement may provide better options for dealing with your debt.

How to Settle Debt

[posted July 18, 2007]

Find out the difference between using a debt settlement company vs. settling on your own.

Credit Counseling Can Help Prevent Foreclosure

[posted March 27, 2007]

Credit counseling can help you clear up additional money in your budget to make your higher mortgage payments.

IRS Approves Tax-Exempt Status to Vision Credit Education

[posted January 11, 2007]

Vision Credit Education is one of only a handful of credit counseling applicants approved by the IRS since 2003.

Can Credit Card Balance Transfers Hurt your Credit?

[posted June 8, 2006]

Frequent transfers may reduce your score temporarily, but can give you long-term savings and ultimately, a higher score.

Building a Better Credit Report

[posted June 6, 2006]

You can take steps to build or rebuild a better credit report as long as you protect your current accounts.

Debt Consolidation and Credit Rating

[posted June 5, 2006]

Your credit rating can limit debt consolidation options. Consolidating debt can also affect your credit rating.

Escaping College Debt

[posted June 4, 2006]

Graduates today have twice the debt than those of just 10 years ago. Eliminating debt now is the key.

How Long do Repossessions Remain on my Credit Report?

[posted May 26, 2006]

A repossession can cost you big now as well as into the future.

Does Credit Counseling Hurt my Credit?

[posted May 23, 2006]

You will likely get a vast multitude of responses to this question, depending on who you ask. The short answer is no, it will not hurt your credit. This is how it works.

Reward Cards can Save on Gas When you Pay the Balance in Full

[posted May 22, 2006]

Reward Cards can help you save hundreds of dollars on gasoline and grocery purchases, but only if you use them smartly.

Balance Transfers can be a Good Approach to Reduce Credit Card Debt

[posted May 22, 2006]

Balance transfers can be a good approach to reduce debt if you know how to use them.

Strategies to Reduce Interest Rates

[posted May 3, 2006]

This proven strategy will allow you to reduce interest on your credit card accounts. Using these techniques, you can finally eliminate credit card debt on your own.

Consumer Credit Scores Are Not Actual Credit Scores

[posted May 1, 2006]

Credit bureaus market consumer credit scores to consumers and lenders using different calculations.

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