Missouri Credit Counseling Solutions

An experienced financial counselor serving Missouri residents can help you evaluate your own financial situation to determine the extent that you might need assistance. You can get counseling from a number of organizations located within our outside of Missouri. Many of these organizations are nonprofit agencies recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a nonprofit charity. Others may be non-exempt nonprofit organizations or even for-profit. Since this status may change, it can be important to ask if the agency is organized as a charity.

Nonprofit credit counseling organizations can help you answer questions about your finances, discuss available options and help you determine logical options for improving your current situation. They receive public support, so they are willing to help you whether or not you can afford to pay for a consultation. Even for-profit agencies must take your ability to pay their fees into consideration.

A confidential counseling session can help you find the right solution for eliminating debt and rebuilding your credit rating. If you are afraid to commit, you may want to consider a quick phone call where you might ask a couple of introductory questions. You may choose to proceed with counseling or you might request that they send you information about their organization. They should be willing to either mail or email you some information, or at least stay on the phone with you and direct you to helpful portions of their website.

Talk with a certified financial counselor through Debtors Unite. Call (800) 838-0861.

Missouri Credit Counseling Agencies

ClearPoint Financial Solutions, Inc.  800-966-3328

CCCS of Springfield  800-882-0808

Cape Girardeau
ClearPoint Financial Solutions, Inc.  800-966-3328


  • CCCS of Greater Kansas City and Mid Missouri  800-355-2227
  • ClearPoint Financial Solutions, Inc.  877-786-3328

ClearPoint Financial Solutions, Inc.  800-966-3328

CCCS of Greater Kansas City and Mid Missouri  800-355-2227

CCCS of Springfield  417-782-6830

CCCS of Springfield  800-882-0808

CCCS of Springfield  800-882-0808

Poplar Bluff
ClearPoint Financial Solutions, Inc.  800-966-3328

CCCS of Springfield  800-882-0808

St. Charles
ClearPoint Financial Solutions, Inc.  800-966-3328

St. Joseph
CCCS of Greater Kansas City  800-355-2227

CCCS of Springfield  800-882-0808

West Plains
CCCS of Springfield  417-256-4082

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