Hawaii Credit Counseling Solutions

Finding the right agency to gain solid financial advice is imperative. With so many choices, you will want to know what to look for in an agency. We recommend the following credit counseling agencies serving Hawaii based in part on their reputation, service offerings and client-friendly approaches.

CCCS of Hawaii is recognized as a tax-exempt nonprofit organization by the Internal Revenue Service. DebtFreeAmerica.com is a national for-profit company that provides free counseling services. Both agencies provide service offerings that include free educational opportunities and counseling.

Talk with a certified financial counselor through Debtors Unite. Call (800) 838-0861.

Hawaii Credit Counseling Agencies

CCCS of Hawaii  (800) 801-5999

CCCS of Hawaii  (808) 532-3225

CCCS of Hawaii  (800) 801-5999

Please note that Hawaii Credit Counseling Service is not recommended and does not appear on this list. That agency is no longer a nonprofit tax-exempt organization following certain management problems that lead to revocation of its tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service in early 2007.

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