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You have the opportunity to speak with a certified Financial Counselor to evaluate your financial situation. Find out what types of help you might be eligible for.

Credit counseling is much more extensive than most people realize. Credit counseling consists of examining debt loads, developing a budget and evaluating various strategies for managing and eliminating debt. Many so called "debt relief" firms focus solely on bankruptcy. Others may discuss debt settlement options for clients who may need something else. Find out why there may be additional options that you never considered!

For example, a debt management program can provide another option for debtors who have income but need to get their monthly payments under control. This type of program could help you reduce your required monthly minimum payments to something that better fits into your current budget. A consolidated payment is a normal option. Even interest rates can usually be reduced, thereby allowing you to eliminate your debt much sooner than you ever typically could do on your own without extra income.

Whether you qualify for these benefits is something that a financial counselor can discuss with you. They can use the details that you supply about your finances to develop a financial profile. They can do this without having to pull your credit also. Your counselor will then supply you with the written details about your finances and any program that you may qualify for.

Call a certified financial counselor today at (800) 838-0861. You can evaluate your situation and discuss available options. They will support your decision.

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