Stop Credit Card Debt!

Making the decision to eliminate credit card debt can be the single most important step toward achieving your financial goals. Our organizations have collaborated to help you identify ways to better manage and eliminate debt.

Reduce Interest Rates

Credit card companies will generally grant an interest rate reduction as long as you have good credit and have shown financial strength. The catch is you have to ask for it. We have identified proven strategies that reduce interest rates on credit cards. If your credit is damaged or you are falling behind, there are additional options to help you manage debt.

Eliminate Fees

Late payments can really add up, as can over-the-limit fees. Making your credit card payments on-time can be tough when money is tight. The consequences of falling behind can be disastrous and can cost you hundreds or thousands in extra fees and higher finance charges. Learn how you can get back on track with a current payment history and rebuild your credit.

Options for getting back on track and eliminating your debt depend on how much debt you have, whether or not you are behind, the types of debt you have, and your budget obligations. There is a way out of almost every debt situation, if you act early enough.

Deciding to eliminate credit card debt can help you escape the debt trap and begin building wealth. Once you decide that you are committed to eliminating debt, you can take steps to wipe it out and begin building wealth. NC State Treasurer Richard Moore defines wealth as letting your money work for you rather than you having to work for your money. You cannot achieve this until you understand how to eliminate credit card debt.

Eliminate Credit Card Debt for Good

Whether you try to tackle your debt on your own or get help from a trusted source, the important thing is to learn about your options and follow through with a plan. Take a moment to evaluate your financial situation, and feel free to contact us with questions or to request additional help.

The Accredited Financial Counselors at Vision Credit Education know that credit card debt can be a burden that puts added stress on families. Finance charges due to high interest rates can add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year. We understand how these rates are determined, and we have refined a number of strategies to help you achieve the lower rates you need to make a dent in those balances.

For example, did you know that you might be able to manipulate your interest rates by changing your repayment habits? Our counselors know how to approach these situations as well has how to request lower interest rates from your creditors. This is something you can do, if you know how.

Get Help Today

Let our Accredited Financial Counselors show you how to eliminate credit card debt. If you have poor credit or are falling behind, we can also help you understand different options that might be available depending upon your own unique financial situation. If you need help, give us a call. If you prefer, there are a number of local credit counseling agencies that can help also. Make the decision today that you are committed to a course of action that will help you eliminate your credit card debt for good.

You can experience the relief of knowing that you have spoken with an Accredited Financial Counselor who understands the financial pressures that you are under. Find out how to eliminate debt and rebuild your credit today! Trained credit and financial counselors do not judge you. Instead, we combine training and years of experience to offer insight on how other people have successfully remedied similar situations.

Each situation is unique, and we help you understand appropriate options so that you can make the best decision for your situation and your family. Contact us today to begin your counseling session. Together we can show you how to eliminate credit card debt.

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